Adamek Bloodied but Not Beaten

A rough-looking Tomasz Adamek emerged the victor after going the distance with Michael Grant, who was unable to take advantage of his massively superior size and reach, in a 12-round bout at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. Despite taking place in Grant’s home country, Adamek enjoyed a very clear advantage, as the overwhelmingly Polish paying customers erupted in chants of “Polska! Polska!” when Adamek entered the ring.

While Adamek won on points in a unanimous decision, it was not easy going against Grant, who outweighed the Pole 118 kg (260 lbs) to 97 kg (214 lbs) and outreached him by 25 cm (10 inches). Adamek indisputably won the early rounds, attacking the big man with smart aggression, and winning the exchanges with speed, as Grant squandered some perfect opportunities to counter with his right. Through rounds five to eight, the ground Adamek gained early began to slip away from him, and for the first time in his career, his opponent cut him – over both eyes.

In the later rounds, Adamek was forced to balance defensive caution with the aggression needed to stay ahead on the cards while fighting fatigue and a possibly sore leg. While Grant’s power posed a constant threat to the smaller Pole, Adamek continued to win rounds by landing blows. When the match was over, Adamek, with his face bleeding and looking much the worse for wear, was announced the victor, and the apparently unhurt Grant shrugged at his loss, telling the gathered fans that the decision was “probably right”.

While the fight gives Adamek some needed credibility in the heavyweight division, it probably signals the end for 38-year-old Grant’s hopes of regaining his position as a contender.

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