National Museum Goes Digital

The Krakow branch of the National Museum is leading the way in a new digital venture that will open up many of the finest collections in the Małopolska region.

If all goes to plan, culture vultures will be able to savour as many as 36,000 treasures online, thanks in part to the EU, which has helped fund the project.

About 626,000 euro will be spent on digitalising the collections, with specialist equipment employed for the scanning of the chosen items.

Besides the National Museum, five other institutions are taking part in the first phase of the project, two of which are in Krakow: the Słowacki Theatre and the Ethnographic Museum. Also included in the programme are the Stanisław Fischer Museum in Bochnia, Lipowiec Castle together with the Ethnographic Park Museum in Wygiełzów, and the Orawa Ethnographic Park Museum in Zubrzyca Górna.

The new portal will be affiliated to the Małopolska Digital Library, and it is hoped that other institutions will soon join the programme.

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