Renowned world posters on display

Turlej Gallery is presenting 40 award-winning posters from the international competition ?The World Award of Monotheistic Religions? held in Teheran in 2006. These works deal with the basic unity of monotheistic religions.
Given today?s heated debates on the dangers of misinterpretation of the world?s most prevalent religions, this is a very topical subject. That is why the ?One World? exhibition has a great chance of becoming topical. Posters created by widely renowned graphic and poster artists present a different perspective on Iran ? a country often associated with extremism and the questionable construction of an atomic bomb intended to annihilate the Israeli state. This unfavorable image can be changed for a better one if considering that Teheran came up with an important international initiative in 2006 ? ?The World Award of Monotheistic Religions.? In this way a country of the former Shahs addressed the world with the message of peace, reconciliation, unity, co-existence and mutual understanding.
Jean Ritter, Chaika Vladimir and Taras Daniluk are just a few of the outstanding artists whose works took part in the competition. Two fist prizes were awarded to Iranians artists Elham Mahoutchi and Shervin Farid Nejad and the third prize was granted to Michal Jandura, a graphic artist from Krakow. Jandura?s winning poster shows three books on a dark background made up of the repeating inscription ?There is only one God.? The books? pages touch each other in such a way that they create a triangle. Their covers show symbols of the three main monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. These three religions have the same roots, forming the underlying idea of this work. In the Islamic world all religious texts are treated as sacred, though the Koran remains the major basis for interpreting the different articles of faith.
One World ? Poster Exhibition
July 20, 2007 ? August 12, 2007
Turlej Gallery
ul. sw. Jana 2

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