No limits for cab drivers

Krakow?s city council decided that as of 2008, price limits will no longer be obligatory for taxi drivers.
As of New Year?s Day, drivers will be able to set their cab fare per kilometer driven.
City authorities had set limits on the amount that could be charged by taxi services, but changes in many of Poland?s biggest cities proved that the liberalization of the taxi market hadn?t led to major price increases.
Old prices will remain in effect until the end of this year. The current cost of a ride consists of two parts: an initial pay of up to 5 zloty, plus a per-kilometer price (maximum 2.3 zloty) multiplied by the length of a ride.
Additional costs may be added for riding in night cabs, on holidays or when part of the ride is outside city borders. Usually 30 zloty is enough to reach the center of Krakow from virtually any district. The council also accepted a proposition to issue another 600 licenses to cab drivers next year. This number should be enough for all candidates. However, they will still have to pass the taxi exam.Currently, there are about 3,500 taxis in Krakow. Most of them are associated with several major companies. Krakow?s cab ride prices are among the highest in Poland. The changes are intended to decrease the cost of cab fares by creating more competition in the market.  

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