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Poland has many image problems, but by far the most infuriating is its Siamese-twin-like association with the Holocaust. Poland’s experience was apocalyptic and, unfortunately, there is something in human nature that finds apocalypse fascinating. This is a major headache for Poles: do you preserve the rusting remnants of apocalypse, giving them that sickly sexy gloss of terror tourism, or do you bulldoze them like the pitiful products of simple-mindedness they were and leave nowhere for the survivors to grieve or the youngsters to learn?

The fact that Auschwitz, Birkenau and the others still stand is an act of Polish national bravery that is rarely acknowledged. How many countries would have the guts to preserve the instruments of an invader that had undone it so barbarically? Who could bear to keep the knife that had killed their child? It looks easy to an outsider: these places should be kept as a lesson for the world; but if it was in your back garden, contained the ashes of your family and a billion people wanted to see it, how would that make you feel?

And that isn’t even the worst part, because some of the people who want to see it are into it: they grew up with the sexiness of apocalypse and wish they had been there. It’s the PlayStation game that would sell a billion copies, but can never be made.

I haven’t commented on the Arbeit Macht Frei sign theft before because it was a petty theft made irresistible to the media just because of its Holocaust connection. Somewhere out there are people revelling in the whole thing and, beyond reporting the theft as local news, it’s unwise to feed them oxygen. I only bring it up now because there was a story this month that blew the silly shenanigans of these Neo-Nazi ditzes out of the water. I mean, of course, the video of Holocaust survivor Adolek Kohn and his thousand-year-defying offspring dancing in the remains of concentration camps (watch the video if you don’t know what I’m talking about). As far as I can see, this video is the final solution for neo-Nazism. Any neo-Nazis who continue to be neo-Nazis after seeing this are probably too dumb to urinate unaided, let alone constitute a threat to civilisation.

Some people have described the video as “controversial,” which is just media-speak for: “It’s about the Holocaust, so we have to look ‘sensitive’.” Kohn and Co. have given the lie to this approach. If a Holocaust survivor wants to dance to “I Will Survive” outside the gates of Auschwitz, he should be provided with a complementary 12,000-piece band and jewel-encrusted dancing shoes. No more scary stories about “psychopaths” with guns and gas canisters — they just make impressionable young men horny. I want these people to look like the simpletons they were, and humour is the only sure-fire way to do it.

Just because the world needs more neo-Nazi jokes, and because you were kind enough to read this far, here’s the answer:

All of them: one to change the bulb, and the rest to whinge about a Jewish light bulb conspiracy.

Jamie Stokes also writes for Polandian.

2 thoughts on “Perspectives on Poland

  • June 21, 2012 at 1:48 am

    I was born in Yugoslavia in 1942, during the middle of all this disaster to human nature.. I am constantly absorbed by the happenings of that era, WHY,? ? WHY ? ?, how can a few people NOW (so called Neo- Nazi} Even think of affiliating themselves to that period…

    How could millions of people, at that time, not only in Germany, but through out the hole world, be so taken in with the rantings of those evil, evil men. Was it mass hyonosis…????. were the mass populace,then, so naive that they couldn’t stop what was happening..

    In the year 2000, I was visiting Berlin, I saw the site which the Berliners decided to elocate an area as a memorial to the victims of the holocast… It was on the same street as the location of the offices of the top Nazis, further, on one corner of the site the bunker belonging to GOEBLES was there, whilst the other corner HITLERS bunker.. How can this site be a memorial to the victims of that era… When I saw this site, I felt disgusted with the location, I felt that this site was a slap in the face of all the victims of that era..
    Would like to hear view point to this..



  • March 30, 2013 at 4:41 am

    Firstly let me say that I enjoy reading your articles, however I don’t think you can say “How many countries would have the guts to preserve the instruments of an invader that had undone it so barbarically”.
    If you look at countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan you will find many places of great atrocities well preserved and maintained for future generations.
    I think the importance of preserving these places is so important for future generations to see the horrific injustices that were committed against humanity.
    My father survived WW2 and was moved from Poland to Germany into a forced labour camp. Visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau certainly doesn’t make me any kind of expert on what happened, but it does give me an understanding.
    I just don’t understand how these Neo-Nazis, who have this staring them in the face, can continue to think that any kind of intolerance is OK, but as you say, they are probably too dumb to urinate unaided.


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