May’s Museum Night in Krakow has been cancelled due to COVID

Wawel Royal Castle at night (phot. Jarek Ciurus)
Wawel Royal Castle at night (phot. Jarek Ciurus)

Krakow’s annual Museum Night is the latest event to be cancelled as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Originally scheduled for 15/16 May, what would have been the 17th edition of the Krakow tradition will try to protect workers and the public as part of unprecedented general quarantine efforts in the anticipation that the epidemic will still be ongoing at that time.

Other cities with similar events are considering the crisis as well. Since Krakow’s Museum Night is usually earlier than many other cities, some may have the option of pushing it back, such as Warsaw, which plans to have their 2020 Museum Night sometime in late September.

Meanwhile, many museums are making efforts to be accessible to the public digitally through virtual tours and online lectures.

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