New restrictions in Poland to limit coronavirus spread

Polish prime minister Mateusz Marawiecki and health minister Łukasz Szumowski have announced tighter restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), to go into effect on Wednesday.

At the joint press conference, the ministers urged people to stay at home as much as possible. Leaving the house is permitted to travel to and from work, shop, walk pets, and go to the doctor. Playgrounds and parks should be avoided.

Furthermore, travels and gatherings of more than two people are forbidden, except in the case of families.

There will also be limited space on public transport – while the restrictions are in place, half the seats must remain empty to limit contact between passengers.

Anyone caught breaking these restrictions may be issued a 5,000 PLN fine.

The goal of health policies now during the pandemic are to limit the number of cases as much as possible in order not to overwhelm the healthcare system and to protect elderly and vulnerable members of the population until a potential vaccine might be developed.

Currently 901 people in Poland have tested positive for coronavirus, 10 of whom have died.

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