Nowa Huta train station to reopen after 21 years

Train tracks in Nowa Huta (phot. Zygmunt Put)
Train tracks in Nowa Huta (phot. Zygmunt Put)

Starting 15 March, trains will once again stop at Krakow’s Nowa Huta station after 21 years.

Nowa Huta was founded in 1949 during Poland’s communist era as a planned community based around the concepts of social realist architecture and the local steel mill. It declined in prestige for a time in the 1990s as Cracovians rejected what it symbolized and the area became perceived as dangerous, and the train station which once saw both fright and passengers was closed in 1999.

Now, however, Nowa Huta has been somewhat revitalized and enjoys several cultural attractions and is a popular location for tourists.

After the reopening in March, riders will be travel via train from Nowa Huta to the other Krakow stations as well as to Tarnów 100 km to the east.

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