Laboratorium Stereo’s new edition brings the hottest local shoegaze and synthpop

For the past year and a quarter, Laboratorium Stereo has been highlighting young, relatively undiscovered local acts representing some of the most hip and interesting contemporary indie genres.

This Saturday 29 February once again at Klub RE is the next installment, with a double billing.

The first act, Strangers In My House, is a local shoegaze dreampop band (in a similar genre as Slowdive or Beach House). They’re influenced by psychedelic rock and the wall of sound from 80s and 90s alternative music. Keep an eye on them for their debut album coming soon.

Next is Warsaw-based solo act Kurkiewicz, presenting new coldwave/synthpunk material with lyrics in both Polish and English.

The show starts at 21:00 at Klub RE. Tickets are 15 PLN.

One thought on “Laboratorium Stereo’s new edition brings the hottest local shoegaze and synthpop

  • March 3, 2020 at 10:59 am

    Good to see music at the KP again. The late Dewey Gurall’s music articles were always an oasis of sanity in the media world and have been much missed.

    On the subject of music, I hope the KP doesn’t mind if I post a link to my revived website, which I’ve set up to plug my books. One of them features a story woven around playlists. Or is it playlists woven around a story? Cheers.


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