Dec 052019
(phot. Anthony Neff)

(phot. Anthony Neff)

Krakow city councilors have voted 35-1 to forbid the renting of public space to circuses which use animals.

In doing so, Krakow joins 33 other Polish cities who oppose such entertainment on the grounds that it often features cruelty to animals. The European Association of State Veterinary Officers is also against the practice.

As the ban applies to publicly owned spaces (such as Błonia), it does not forbid private landowners from renting their property to circuses. Furthermore, the lawmakers stressed that they are not against circuses in general, merely those with animals – which councilor Małgorzata Jantos compared to opposition to circuses which once featured people with disabilities as attractions.

Krakow mayor Jacek Majchrowski accepted the resolution but expressed skepticism, worrying that a worse fate might await retired circus animals.

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    I applaud the action of the Krakow Councilors. Animals are too often abused in the entertainment of humans. As to the fears of the mayor that a worse fate might befall the animals, steps should be taken to prevent that. My home state of Tennessee, in the USA, has a sanctuary for elephants where previously mistreated animals can live out their remaining lives in comfort. The sanctuary runs on donations made by caring citizens. I feel sure their are enough goodhearted people in Poland to support a similar operation.

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