Universities put together freshmen classes


Krakow?s public universities have selected their freshmen classes for the fall ? a task made difficult because as many as 19 high school students applied for each opening in some departments, the Dziennik Polski daily reported.
Full-time day students can study for free at public universities if they are Polish or from other countries in the EU. The problem is getting accepted.
The main selection criteria is how a student did in high school. In some cases, applicants must also take an entrance examination or show in interviews with professors that they know a lot about the field they want to study.
Jagiellonian University, which the Times of London rates the best in Poland, will have around 8,670 freshmen this fall, almost 1,500 more than in 2006.
Journalism is the most difficult department to get into. A whopping 19 high school students applied for each opening.
Other departments that are hard to get into are psychology, with 14 applicants per opening; pharmacy, with 10 applicants per opening, and medicine, with seven applicants per opening.
The AGH University of Science and Technology, one of Poland?s largest technical universities, has accepted 6,395 freshmen for fall. Its 4,000 faculty teach more than 28,000 full-time day students in 17 departments.
Twice as many high school students as could be accepted applied for openings in Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, and Geodesy and Cartography and ?in sociology it was three times,? university spokeswoman Malgorzata Krokoszynska said.
The Krakow Institute of Technology, or Politechnika Krakowska, was able to accommodate many more computer science freshmen than last year, Dziennik Polski reported.
In the fall of 2006, 12 high school students applied for each opening. Institute spokesman Leslaw Peters said the department substantially increased its enrollment this year, creating a ratio of five applicants for every two openings. 
The Building Materials and Structures Department had three applicants for each freshman opening. Other departments that were difficult to get in included mathematics and automation and robotics. 
Overall, the institute accepted 3,212 freshmen for the fall.
The Teachers? University of Krakow will take 3,300 freshman this year.
The university?s forte is preparing teachers, but it offers other fields of study as well.
Applicants have shown a lot of interest in administration, practical sociology, social work and international relations.
About twice as many high school students as can be accommodated are chasing openings at the Agricultural University of Krakow ? 4,600 applicants for 2,490 slots. 
?The biggest interest is in biotechnology, food technology, forestry and geodesy and cartography,? said Waclaw Trojan, the head of the academic teaching department.
The Krakow University of Economics, the third oldest in Poland, is accepting 1,990 freshmen.
Applicants are showing the most interest in banking and finance, international relations and tourism and recreation. The university opened in 1925 after economics institutions had been established in Warsaw and Lviv, a city in western Ukraine that for decades was part of Poland.

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