Polish citizens can now travel to the US without a visa

Why not visit sunny Krakow, Wisconsin?

Just in time for 101 years of independence, Polish citizens can visit the United States without a visa.

The new rules entering Poland into the US Visa Waiver Program only requires Polish travelers to have a valid biometric passport, a ticket out, and an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), which can be obtained online in about 20 minutes and costs $14.

This enables Poles to travel the US for tourism and business for 90 days or fewer. Approval is valid for two years.

The lengthy and expensive ($160) visa process was a longtime bugbear for many Poles, especially as US citizens are allowed to visit Poland (and anywhere else in Europe’s Schengen Area) with only a passport, and the US returned the favor to most other EU countries.

More information about getting an ESTA – which US State Department officials recommend getting at least 72 hours before traveling – can be found here.

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