Last day to vote in Krakow’s 2019 “Citizens’ Budget”

Monday is the final day to vote in Krakow’s annual Citizens’ Budget, in which residents choose how to allocate a portion of the city’s funds to community improvement projects.

The ideas, which are also submitted by locals, range from enhancing Krakow’s green space, providing more resources for children or seniors, making fixes to pavements and parking, and more.

In order to vote, you simply must live in Krakow – you do not need to be Polish or have a PESEL.

After registering online, you can use the website to choose three projects from Krakow and three localized within your district. You can award your picks from each category 1, 2, or 3 points depending on how you prioritize them.

The projects with the most points will be implemented in 2020. The total number implemented will depend on the cost of the winners and their feasibility.

The Krakow Citizen’s Budget has been in place since 2014 and has funded projects such as a “green wall” to absorb smog and a salt graduation tower in Nowa Huta.

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