St. John’s Fair Brings Renaissance to Krakow

The St. John’s Fair, which began yesterday and will continue through Sunday, 27 June, is just about the closest thing to a Renaissance fair that Poland gets. The five-day event is taking place at the foot of the Wawel Castle, aptly enough near Krakow’s very own flame-breathing dragon.

The attractions at the fair include booths with everything from monk-made bottled beer and wine to hand-made candles for sale, as well as over a dozen master craftsmen and women making wreathes, wooden objects, ropes, tools, and clothing by hand just like in Medieval times. Children big and small can get fitted for a suit of armour, or can attend one of several lectures on the era. In the evening, concerts and plays will take place on the grounds outdoors.

For a full schedule, visit the event’s official website.

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