Drunk Man Assaults Kaczyński Tomb

Visitors to the tomb of Lech and Maria Kaczyński on Saturday morning received an unexpected, and probably unwelcome, surprise. A drunk man had stripped down to his underwear and was running around the crypt of the Wawel Cathedral, after assaulting the sarcophagus of the late president and first lady.

The man had entered the Crypt of Silver Bells with a group of tourists just before noon. According to witnesses, he began to assault the presidential tomb with an umbrella, shouting, “And what do you have to say, Lech?”

The man was quickly approached by the guards, but ran away and to everyone’s surprise, began to strip off his clothing. The guards gave chase and tried to catch him, but being mostly naked and wet from the rain, the man kept literally slipping away. Finally, the guards detained the man and asked him to get dressed.

According to the guards, who spoke to Gazeta Krakowska, “He was drunk, he didn’t seem to know what he was doing”. The guards called the police, who proceeded to take him to a local hospital.

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