Coach with Metal Fans Crashes

A coach heading to Poznań from Warsaw, after a joint metal concert from Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax, has crashed on the Łódż road, injuring 15 and killing the driver. The coach, carrying 55 metal fans, collided, head on, with a lorry as it pulled out onto the Łódż road.

The fault of the crash is still unknown, however the lorry driver has been seriously injured and the 22-year-old coach driver was killed instantly. All 14 of the injured fans have been hospitalised, whilst the others have been given shelter in a local school, near to the place of the crash. According to one passenger, “everyone in the coach was asleep at the time of the accident,” and the only way of escaping the wreck was “by smashing through the rear window.”

The crash can be likened to a similar crash in 2008, when a train full of fans on the way to an Iron Maiden concert in Prague from Krakow crashed, killing six and injuring many.

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