Cheap Flights Within Poland

Starting in July, travellers will be able to fly between Polish cities for as little as 70 złoty return. LOT Polish Airlines will soon operate 15 new routes within the country. The average return fare will be around 200 złoty, according to a LOT spokesperson. Initially, the new connections will be serviced by ATR or Embraer aircraft, though new planes have been ordered for next year.

Krakow will now be directly connected to Poznań and several other destinations, though it’s uncertain whether nearby Katowice Airport will be included in this new scheme, due to its remoteness from major urban areas.

Considering an InterCity connection between Warsaw and Krakow costs 110 for second class one way, this new offer by LOT may prove to be a challenge to the dominance of national travel by Polish railways. And given that a train between Krakow and the Baltic seaside city of Gdańsk takes almost nine hours, a two-hour flight sounds like a welcome alternative.

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