Hard Road Ahead for Polish Football

A two year absence from competitive football stretches out in front of the Polish football team after their failure to qualify in the World Cup. However, as Poland is the co-host of the Euro 2012 tournament, they are automatically qualified, meaning that their next competitive match will take place as far away as June 2012, quite a long time for a national team to not play competitively.

Despite this, Poland does have 24 friendly matches scheduled over the next 24 months, but after their humiliating defeat at the hands of Spain, the Polish FA are contemplating whether or not having Poland play top-competitive teams, such as Italy, as was planed in April, would still be a productive direction for Polish football.

Questions are also currently arising about whether or not the new Polish National Stadium in Warsaw will be completed within its estimated time. The stadium, which could possibly be playing host to a Poland-Germany friendly next July, has only one wing of the stadium fully renovated. With the stadium’s construction falling behind schedule, releasing tickets for any future matches that are to be held at the stadium next summer could prove to be a risky move.

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