American Fugitive Caught in Poland

American fugitive Alexsander Efrosman was arrested in Krakow two weeks ago by Polish police. Efrosman was charged in 2005 with “fraud and misappropriation in connection with solicitation of customers to trade illegal off-exchange foreign currency futures contracts”. However, after being charged he fled the country, and was wanted, until his arrest, by both Interpol and the FBI.   

Under the alias Alexsander Besser, Efrosman obtained over 5.2 million dollars from over 110 customers, from around April 2004 until June 2005, by misappropriating all funds deposited into the unregistered hedge funds AJR Capital Inc. and Century Maxim Fund Inc.

Efrosman has already faced three years imprisonment for wire and mail fraud, to which he pleaded guilty to in November 2000, after being extradited from France, where he had fled to. However, three years’ imprisonment apparently did not prove substantial enough to discourage him from committing further felonies, and the future of both himself and his family is now uncertain.

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