Devastating bee disease found in Krakow

An deadly and disruptive bee infection has been discovered in Krakow bees, worrying local beekeepers and ecologists.

American foulbrood is a bacterial disease which infects and kills young bee larvae, which can be devastating for the hive. Spores can survive in nectar and honey for as long as 40 years, making it difficult to contain the spread of the illness. Beekeepers usually burn the entire affected hive as a precaution. It is important that they not buy food from untrusted sources or move infected bees/materials from the area.

Infected hives have been found in Krakow on ul. Wrocławskiej and al. 29 Listopada. The Lesser Poland government has posted warning signs in a perimeter around the affected areas warning beekeepers of the danger in an effort to stop the spread.

The disease is not dangerous to humans.

One thought on “Devastating bee disease found in Krakow

  • June 10, 2019 at 7:48 am

    Is beeswax going to be affected by the disease? I am a candlemaker and now I am worried…
    Please keep us updated!


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