Kornelia Marek Suspended for Drug Use

Polish cross-country skier, Kornelia Marek, has been suspended from international skiing for two years after testing positive at the Vancouver games for Erythropoietin (EPO), a performance enhancing drug, which controls red blood cell production.

Marek has been suspended until 15 March, 2012, and in addition to this cannot compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics due to International Olympic committee rules. All of her Olympic results have been revoked, most notably Poland’s sixth position in the 20K relay and her ninth position in the team sprint.

Marek is the only athlete who has been disqualified from the winter games, and her violation of Olympic conduct has been described as “very serious” by the secretary general of the Polish Olympic Committee, Adam Krzesiński. Yet at the age of 24, Marek still stands a very real chance of returning to competitive sport.

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