Hatching a New Philharmonic Hall

Cracovians may still be a bit jittery about the River Vistula bursting its banks, but plans are moving ahead for a brand new Philharmonic Hall. Both prospective sites are by the river.

The need for a new Philharmonic Hall has been discussed for many years. The current seat of the orchestra was originally built as an assembly hall by the Catholic Church. The rumble of nearby trams is one of many banes for the musicians.

Now, a state of the art edifice is on the cards. The Malopolska voivodeship is backing an competition that looks set to attract some of the hottest international names on the architectural scene. Yet before that happens, the authorities must decide on the most suitable location.

The two front-runners at the moment are the lot opposite Novotel at ul. Kosciuszki, followed by the space opposite Galeria Kazimierz, further down river in Zabłocie.

Vice-Marshal of Malopolska Leszek Zegzda is full of beans about the project: “This may sound a little megalomaniacal, but I would like this building to adorn future postcards of the city,” he told Gazeta Wyborcza.

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