Boxing: Albert “the Dragon” Sosnowski no Match for Vitali Klitschko

Albert Sosnowski suffered his third career defeat in a one-sided bout against WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko on Saturday night in Germany.

With a ten-kilo weight differential and proportionate discrepancies in height and reach, Sosnowski was looking to stage a David and Goliath upset, which may have been possible had the Pole been equipped with some rocks to sling at the champ. Klitschko stalked Sosnowski around the ring with his left arm slung below his waist, beckoning the challenger to come in close enough for the Ukrainian to finish him off. Sosnowski remained on the outside throughout the fight, where his disadvantage in reach made it impossible for him to land anything but a few ineffectual uphill jabs at Klitschko’s head.

While few serious exchanges were made in the bout, Sosnowki got the worst of nearly all of them, and Klischko ended it with a knockout in round ten.

The fight may be a preview to the expected pairing of one of the two Klitchko brothers against Małoposka’s Tomasz Adamek. Adamek has vowed to become the first man in the history of boxing to hold a major belt at all three top weight classes. To do it he will need to get through one of three men: either one of the Klistchko brothers, Vitali, who holds the WBC belt, or Vladimir, who holds the IBC, WBO, and the Ring belts; or Englishman David Haye, who holds the WBA belt.

Unification of the belts is unlikely at present as Vladimir and Vitali refuse to fight one another. Both Klitschkos have, however, expressed strong enthusiasm for an opportunity to meet Haye in the ring since he turned up at a Klitschko press conference wearing a t-shirt depicting himself holding the severed heads of the Ukrainian brothers, and standing over their decapitated bodies.

Adamek’s next fight will be against American Michael Grant on 21 August at his adopted home, the Prudential Center in New Jersey. He to has his sights set on Haye, and said recently: “I am positive if the fight against David Haye comes to fruition, two things, speed and my precision, will prevail”.

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