Folk Flourish: The 2nd Ethno Design Festival

Walking along the Vistula in spring is always a pleasant prospect, and this May, strollers have a spellbinding bonus in the shape of the 2nd Ethno-Design Festival (Etno Dizajn).

Following on from the success of last winter’s event, the Ethnographic Museum is now braving the great outdoors. This time round, they’ve unleashed artist Olaf Cirut into the bowels of the museum’s storerooms. He’s hauled up a fantastical catch of wooden folk toys, and after weaving his magic, they’ve been transformed into the parade of human-size marvels that now adorns the riverbank. Cross the Vistula by Hotel Sheraton and find such dizzying treats as a merry-go-round peopled with eccentric characters from Polish folklore, as well as swings, windmills, flocks of otherworldly sheep, and even some bobbing aquatic installations. Children will be enthralled.

The second wing of the event is being hosted on Plac Wolnica, adjacent to the main seat of the museum. There, visitors can explore an “alternative world” constructed from regional objects, including costumes, handicrafts and costumes.

The Ethno-Design Festival runs from 6th – 23rd May. The main seat of the museum is at Plac Wolnica 1, Kazimierz

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