The Rise of the Revolutionary Dukan Diet

I learned about this diet by chance, and as it turned out, I was one of the last to know. The positive feedback and effects that I noticed in those on the diet prompted me to action. Experimenting in one’s field is commonplace, but so far I had only been a theorist. I carefully prepared myself for the venture, creating a list of allowed products, filling my small refrigerator while wreaking havoc on my wallet. The reason is simple: high-protein products cost a fortune. Fish of all kinds, non-fat dairy products, eggs, seafood and meat that I wouldn’t touch. This, in short, is my plan of attack on my body. Detox from carbohydrates and fats. The effects are spectacular and visible within days. A knowledge of dieting and nutrition basics can explain the rapid weight loss.

A normal balanced diet is based on, in order, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and one should consume the most of the former. To lose weight, you must reduce these proportions to only one category of products. As we know, a diet based on fat increases cholesterol and heart problems, while in turn pure carbohydrates increase the level of sugar in the blood. Proteins, on the other hand, have a magical effect. And this is what the success of the French diet is based on. First of all, they are made of chains of amino acids and require a large amount of energy consumption and time to make their way through our bodies. Using the energy that you burn off, you can effectively lose weight, while the slow decay time leaves us with a feeling of satiety for longer. This is a perfect situation in a diet: I eat and I lose weight. An advantage of proteins is their resistance to infection, as well as their ability to protect the muscles and speed up healing. But this is not the end of a whole slew of positive effects. One’s complexion is illuminated as imperfections disappear. Proteins also affect the reduction of cellulite, because of their hydrophobic (water-repellent) nature, as they remove toxins and the watery nature of cellulite. All day, we feel the smoothness of our teeth and despite a feeling of satiety we can observe the concavity of the abdomen. Dr. Pierre Dukan, the creator of this diet and a French pioneer in this field, knew what he was doing.

After the attack phase, we move seamlessly into the second phase of the slow killing of kilograms by introducing certain vegetables, but still consuming high-protein products. When we achieve our dream figure, the stabilisation phase awaits us. We can breathe a sigh of relief, because even if it takes ten days to lose each kilogram, we can indulge our whims – even twice a week. What convinced me most in Dukan’s philosophy is the lifelong commandment which prevent the yo-yo effect. There are only two and they are not hard to remember. First, eat proteins once a week; second, eat three tablespoons of bran daily. In this way, we can return to our favourite dishes and normal habits, while keeping our new figure.

It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. I had never dieted before. First, because of lack of a desperate need, second because of the inevitable return to old habits. The simple and scientific approach tempted me to try such a challenge. I’m at the end of the journey, but every day I consult with patients who are starting. Cottage cheese, other cheeses and yogurts are disappearing from store shelves while Dr. Dukan’s book, I Don’t Know How to Lose Weight, has become a bestseller in the past weeks. Sometimes I get the feeling that the world has gone mad over it…

Translated by Anna Spysz.

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