Immigrant working as janitor in Glasgow University’s School of Law becomes prized concert pianist

A 28-year-old Polish pianist working as a janitor in Scotland has been ?discovered? because his piano-practicing session at a chapel was seen live on the Internet.
In a story out of a Hollywood movie, a Glasgow University Chapel employee logged on to the Internet-connected camera that was recording Aleksander Kudajczyk playing ? and began telling anyone who would listen how talented he was.
The pianist had no idea that a Webcam was recording his practicing until people started gushing about his talent, the Glasgow Daily Telegraph reported.     
Six months ago, Kudajczyk, who had studied at a top music academy in Katowice, flew from Krakow-Balice Airport to Prestwick on Scotland?s west coast. He was hoping to find work as a music teacher because the economic situation at home was so hopeless. Instead, the only job he could find was as a janitor in Glasgow, 50 kilometers northwest of Prestwick.
The position at the Glasgow University School of Law paid around 400 pounds a month. Being unable to pursue his first love ? music ? gnawed at him, however. He asked if he could practice on the grand piano in the university chapel.
He received permission, but his practice sessions came at night when nobody else was around.
But chaplain secretary Joan Keenan, who works during the day, was curious about Kudjczyk?s talent. 
?I logged on to the Internet to a webcam we have set up in the chapel to watch weddings and other events held there,? she said. ?I couldn?t believe what I was hearing as he played exquisite Chopin. Immediately, I started emailing the music librarian, who is a member of an orchestra, and other friends and colleagues around the university.?
The university community and British media were soon abuzz about Kudajczyk. News accounts compared his story to that of the hero in ?Good Will Hunting,? a movie about a janitor who, unbeknown to those around him, is a mathematical genius.
Kudajczyk has decided to stay in Scotland to take advantage of the opportunities the avalanche of publicity has created.
Since his story appeared in the Daily Telegraph last month, he has given several concerts at the chapel, playing a selection from Frederic Chopin?s Four Ballads, Preludes, Nocturnes and Grandes Valses. Chopin is Poland?s most famous composer and one of classical music?s giants.
Kudajczyk has also been seen entertaining crowds at Glasgow?s West End Festival.
The pianist has played since he was 4. He performed both classical music and jazz in Polish restaurants and he played on American cruise ships.He is now practicing seven hours a day in the chapel and on other pianos around the university, the Daily Telegraph said Many in Glasgow are agreeing with Keenan?s assessment that “Aleksander’s hands are far too precious to continue cleaning for long”

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