How to pet alpacas and hairless cats in Krakow

from Animal Show 2018 (via the official website)
from Animal Show 2018 (via the official website)

Have you ever wanted to pet a donkey, learn about exotic chickens, or have a butterfly land on your shoulder? This weekend in Krakow is your chance, at the annual Animal Show.

Think of it like a petting zoo for animals which are more exotic than those you might encounter every day, but not so exotic that they could be hosted at the Krakow Zoo. (Perhaps the zoo should consider adding a pug exhibit.)

Along with petting, there will also be educational demonstrations, a snail race, presentations by pet adoption agencies, animations, products (by and for) animals for sale, and more. The organizers emphasize love and respect for animals, and the owners are professional breeders and farmers.

The show is at Centrum Targowe Chemobudowa, ul. Klimeckiego 14 on Saturday and Sunday from 10-17.

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