Photography museum’s new wooded venue plans autumn opening

The renovated historic shooting range in Wola Justowska
The renovated historic shooting range in Wola Justowska

The new renovation of the facilities of the Krakow Museum of Photography is complete and ready for an opening in September or October.

The Museum is moving from its previous building on ul. Józefitów in central Krakow a historic shooting range in Wola Justowska, at ul. Królowej Jadwigi 220. The building, constructed in 1936, was listed as historical landmark, but has been unused for 11 years and fallen into disrepair.

For the opening, curators are keen to quell fears that the museum might disturb the peaceful nature of the surrounding location. They plan a permanent exhibition dedicated to forests, meadows, and fields, and they will use solar panels and heat recovery devices to minimize the ecological impact – as well as plant organic plants nearby.

The renovation cost around 5 million PLN, most of which came from the European Union.

[More information in Polish on Onet]

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