Krakow rental scooters struggle with abandonment issues

"You wouldn't just leave me here... would you?"
“You wouldn’t just leave me here… would you?”

Krakow travelers have recently joined those of a handful of other cities in being able to rent CityBee scooters to get around.

But with the introduction of the new tool of transport comes a problem: since users can theoretically pick up and drop off the scooters wherever is convenient for them, some are choosing to abandon theirs in the middle of the sidewalk or even in parking spaces.

Critics say this issue poses a threat especially to blind people, people with disabilities which limit their mobility, or people with children in strollers.

The city of Krakow has given the company who owns the scooters two weeks to find a way to address the problem. A lawyer representing the firm said that they were working with the city to find solutions.

Polish-language news outlet Radio Krakow suggests a model might be found in Vienna, where scooters have the same legal status as bicycles rather than (as in Poland currently) pedestrians. There, scooter companies are responsible for ensuring their vehicles are not left on the pavement for more than four hours upon penalty of a 700 EUR fine.

One thought on “Krakow rental scooters struggle with abandonment issues

  • November 18, 2019 at 4:37 pm

    The other issue to tackle is for the local Police targeting tourists and handing out on the spot fines for using the E scooters.
    My partner and I were using one each around the Train station square and were stopped by two officers who asked for our passports and demanded 50 PLN.
    They were both talking amongst themselves and it seemed clear we wasnt breaking any law.
    It certainly left a very sour taste after a great holiday.


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