Could Krakow be split into just four districts?

A view of Krakow near the end of the 16th century
A view of Krakow near the end of the 16th century

Krakow could be divided into just four districts in the future, if some city councilors get their way.

Currently the city is divided into 18 districts. The problem, critics say, is that there are too many decision-makers representing each district, but with small budgets and low voter turnout – leading to ineffective municipal policymaking.

It is possible for the Polish Sejm to redivide Krakow into four districts, like Warsaw. PiS city council member Włodzimierz Pietrus told reporters that they could possibly be Śródmieście, Podgórze, Nowa Huta, and Krowodrzę.

This was essentially the way Krakow was divided before reorganization in 1991. Whether or not lawmakers feel strongly enough to return to that remains to be seen.

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