What color bin should I put my rubbish in?

No, it isn’t a prank: Officially starting on April 1st, Krakow is expanding its rainbow of rubbish bins.

Under the new system, trash should be separated as follows:

  • Green for glass (no change)
  • Yellow for plastic and metal
  • Blue for paper
  • Brown for bio waste (such as uneaten food)
  • Black for other

If your building does not offer different colored bins, it might be possible for now to use colored trash bags to indicate the contents.

City officials hope that better segregation of rubbish will enable better waste management and recycling practices in the city.

One thought on “What color bin should I put my rubbish in?

  • April 10, 2019 at 9:14 am

    “Brown for bio waste (such as uneaten food)”

    What color bin should I use for eaten food?!

    I’m all ready to get on board with this scheme, but my building still has not installed the proper bins. So the ones we do have are overflowing with the incorrect items.


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