Jan 252012
Tales from the Chalkface: Act today without delay!

New Year’s resolution: “I shall not procrastinate.” Good vocabulary, at least. This is the first one I picked out of the pile of personal learning targets I’d asked my students to write down and commit to. They’re kind of New Year’s resolutions for the classroom. I’ve finished washing up, taking out the rubbish, mending a […]

Jan 252012
Sachsenhausen Memories Lost for 70 years, Now Published

The longest and most complete first-hand account of a Nazi purge of academics in Krakow has been discovered by the city’s Jagiellonian University. The memoir of Zygmunt Starachowicz lay unread in a sealed envelope for 70 years until it was shared with the archive department at the University by his great-granddaughter Katarzyna. The papers detail […]

Jan 202012
A Safer Airport for Krakow

The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) plans to construct a new air traffic control tower and radar system at Krakow’s John Paul II International Airport. The tender was won by Prochem S.A. and will be the company’s second project in co-operation with PANSA. The tower is intended to improve air traffic safety and to […]

Jan 202012
Tuck In: Orange Chocolate Chunk Cookies

While the rest of the world has refined the art of intricate gateaux, tortes, and truffles, us Americans like to keep it simple. We want a sweet, unhealthy, chewy thing and we want it now. Give us pancakes drowned in maple syrup, give us pie swimming in half-melted ice cream, or just go ahead and […]

Jan 142012
How Foreigner Friendly is Krakow?

Krakow-based NGO Interkulturalni PL has produced a report looking at how well the city’s institutions are prepared to deal with foreigners visiting and living in the city. The Krakow Post spoke to the organisation about the challenges of coping with a growing foreign population and their own efforts to help the process. Tourism has long […]

Jan 112012
Fury Over ‘Misleading’ Tabloid Story

Krakow’s Błonia meadow – between the city’s two football stadiums – will be turned into a fan zone for the duration of the Euro 2012 competition, with space for up to 30,000 spectators to watch matches on a big screen. Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of Krakow, told a press conference that the fan zone would enable […]

Jan 092012
Apparent Suicide Attempt Caught on Camera

A Polish military prosecutor shot himself this morning at a press conference in Poznan to discuss issues surrounding the April 2010 Smolensk air disaster that killed former President Lech Kaczyński. After reading a statement, Colonel Mikołaj Przybył asked journalists to leave the room for five minutes so he could “air it.” A television news camera […]

Jan 062012
Szkieletor Tower Undefeated

The Szkieletor tower, which has blighted Krakow’s skyline for 30 years, is to remain a crumbling ruin as the latest in a long line of renovation schemes is derailed. At 92.6m, the infamous 24-storey Szkieletor tower is the tallest building in Krakow – it’s 11m taller than St. Mary’s church in the Market Square. Its […]

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