Jun 192011
Podgórze Oddity

Construction of the Museum of Tadeusz Kantor has been going on for nearly a year now and is expected to be completed in 2012. The museum is to be sited around, and above, Podgórze’s old municipal power station on ul. Nadwiślańska. According to the architect’s plan for the museum, part of the exhibition space will […]

Jun 192011
21st Jewish Culture Festival Krakow

Most commentators put the number of Jews living in Krakow at just a few hundred today. Certainly, even the most liberal estimates come nowhere near a thousand. This is for a city that, before World War II, counted a quarter of its population as Jewish. The reason for this dramatic decline is known to most. […]

Jun 172011
Planty Cycling Banned?

A letter to Gazeta Wyborca Krakow recently raised a question that has occurred to many visitors to Krakow – is it actually legal to ride a bicycle around the Planty? Reader Wita Kosińska wrote: “I have a vague recollection that it was banned in my youth” and added: “A few days ago I was hit […]

Jun 132011
First Feature Film to Tackle Smolensk Tragedy

It is no surprise that the Smolensk catastrophe has awakened the visual imagination of the nation. Immediately after the tragedy, Poles were subjected to a few clips of first-hand footage from the crash site broadcast repeatedly by news programmes. Since then, Internet users have obsessively re-edited the original footage, often reshaping the truth to fit […]

Jun 082011
Drop In: Le Grand Salon

“Prosze pani! Could you point me to Szeroka 38?” “A co to ma być?” “Salon… fryzjer!” “Ah! Taki nowy! Taki fajny!” Yes, that’s exactly what it is – Le Grand Salon is both ‘nowy’ and ‘fajny,’ not to mention incredibly seductive. Looking at Le Grand Salon’s website gives you a hint that this place is […]

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