Feb 252011

Wisła’s football side will return from the winter break having shuffled their personnel. A major development for the club is the departure of long-time players Paweł and Piotr Brożek, as the twins bid farewell to Poland to join their countyman and former Wisła defender Arkadiusz Głowacki with current Süper Lig leaders Trabzonspor. The move reflects […]

Feb 252011
Nowa Huta: Krakow’s Brutal Brother?

Krakow and Nowa Huta are unlikely siblings. Krakow is cultured, refined and conservative; Nowa Huta is industrial, brutalist and revolutionary. Although they have been part of the same administrative entity since 1951, they still feel like forcibly conjoined twins rather than parts of the same city. Of the two, Nowa Huta undoubtedly has the reputation […]

Feb 212011
Wisła Can-Pack Still Unstoppable Without Captain

Wisła Can-Pack has continued to make all the right moves both on the court and in the transfer market. They have had a breathtaking run of victories in the Polish League and are still shining bright in the international EuroLeague Womens’ tournament, despite the loss of two key players. The White Star ladies are 17-1 […]

Feb 192011
Krakow News Roundup: February 2011

The Lynx Defect Only the brown bear and the wolf surpass it in the predatory stakes in Europe, but the lynx in Poland needs help from the one species that has been instrumental in reducing its numbers to dangerous levels – homo sapiens. The Eurasian lynx (ryś, in Polish) can be seen in the forests […]

Feb 072011

Robert Kubica is in a stable condition after being operated on for seven hours following a crash in the first stage of the Ronde di Andora Rally in Italy that left the Krakow native with serious injuries, including a severely crushed right hand. After the operation, doctors announced that they believed amputation would not be […]

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