Jul 262007
Poland's wealthiest switch places

Not long ago America’s "Forbes" magazine declared Michal Solowow the world’s richest Pole, with a fortune estimated at $2.4 bln.
Gazeta Wyborcza contends he is no longer the richest man in Poland. The banker and financier Leszek Czarnecki is worth $3.9 bln, the newspaper said.

Jul 262007

Krakow will be home to the first cafe tram in Poland. Two bidders, Jordan and the Przewlocki Company, have won the MPK tender for the purchase of a Nuremberg tram and the rights to use the city’s tramlines to initiate a new conceptual coffee shop tram.

Jul 262007

The Smoke-Free Premises campaign has been in full swing in Krakow since March 2007. With close to 70 local businesses, including restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and bars signing up, the campaign is intending to take its success nationwide.

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