17 December: Free public transport to combat Krakow smog

Krakow under heavy smog (phot. Jarek Ciurus)
Krakow under heavy smog (phot. Jarek Ciurus)

Public transportation throughout the city of Krakow will be free for all today in an attempt to help offset dangerous levels of smog.

The air pollution is, in some areas in and around the city, 400-500% of the recommended maximum. In some surrounding villages, the situation is even worse. If possible, avoid going outside or engaging in sports, especially if you have breathing problems. Anyone who must go outside is advised to wear a smog mask. (Find out more about how to protect yourself.)

Air forcasters currently predict that the smog tomorrow in Krakow will be as bad or even worse, so it is possible that there will be another day of free public transport.

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