Voters go to polls in second round of Polish local elections

Voters throughout Poland today will choose the next leaders of their cities in the second round of elections. If you’re an EU citizen who is on the voter roll, you can vote.

In Krakow, the race is down between 4-term independent center-left incumbent Jacek Majchrowski and national-conservative PiS (Law and Justice) candidate Małgorzata Wassermann.

Before the legal moratorium on campaigning began, Majchrowski touted Krakow’s record of growth under his 16-year tenure, while Wassermann accused Majchrowski of complacency and promised to bring a fresh vision to the city.

Łukasz Gibała, who placed third in the first round of elections, declined to endorse either candidate.

Polls are open between 7 and 21. You can find instructions on how and where to vote here, and read more information about the candidates here.

An earlier version of this article misstated that the polls close at 19. They close at 21. Thanks to Ewelina Lebida for the correction.

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