Vegetarian, vegan, or just hungry? Here are 6 great places to get brunch in Krakow

Despite Poland’s reputation as a country of kielbasa and kotlet schabowyKrakow is an amazing city for people vegetarians and vegans, and it’s only getting better. Even if you do usually eat meat, we recommend giving these six restaurants a try – you might be surprised at how delicious vegetarian food can be. Smacznego!

Ranny Ptaszek

Ranny Ptaszek (phot. Facebook)
Ranny Ptaszek (phot. Facebook)

ul. Augustiańska 5

Ranny Ptaszek is the quintessential (and quintessentially pink) brunch and breakfast spot in Krakow. Situated on a cozy corner in Kazimierz, this restaurant’s vegetarian-centered menu is great for herbivores and carnivores (vegans might struggle). You cannot go wrong with the shakshuka and homemade hummus. If you like a strong Americano, this is your joint. The portions are perfect (not too much, not too little), and they have a nice selection of treats if you are craving something sweet to finish off your meal. On a weekend, you’ll likely have to wait for a table, but it is well worth it. The vintage radio, jazzy tunes and array of plants make Ranny Ptaszek a local favorite in Krakow.


Zaczyn (phot. Facebook)
Zaczyn (phot. Facebook)

Barska 4

“Early bird gets the worm” is the motto at Zaczyn. Seriously. The bread and pastries fly off the shelves, and for good reason. This 100% plant-based bakery makes the best chleb in Krakow. Zaczyn opened in January of 2018 and has quickly become a staple in the city. It’s located in the residential area of Dębniki, the perfect location if you are looking to avoid herds of tourists and explore a new part of the city.

Zaczyn has a limited menu with options that makes for a nice morning meal and coffee complemented by the bakery’s natural lighting and exposed brick interior. Zaczyn has a unique menu of toppings and spreads for their breads, from sweet ricotta and pears to tofu and baba ganoush. It is a must for all vegetarians, vegans, and bread lovers in the city.

Massolit Bakery & Café

Massolit Bakery & Café (phot. Facebook)

Smolensk 17

Nestled outside of Old Town, just a few steps from Massolit’s iconic English bookstore (which also has a café), Massolit Bakery & Café is the perfect brunch and brekkie spot for vegans and vegetarians living in Krakow. They have a variety of toasts and bagels to jumpstart your morning, as well as fresh breads and vegan treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Arguably, they provide the best brownies in Krakow. Massolit Bakery & Café is relatively small, but you are promised a window seat at a bar stool with a view of the street. The white walls and checkered tile floors give Massolit Bakery a clean and sophisticated vibe, and its selection of newspapers and magazines is on point.

Massolit Cooks

Massolit Cooks (phot. Facebook)

Józefa 25

The newest of Massolit’s institutions, Massolit Cooks in the heart of Kazimierz. It attracts an expat crowd from all over the city. Like Massolit Bakery, it offers a great selection of cakes, breads, and bagels. But Massolit extends its menu to feature more food, including affordable vegetarian and vegan breakfasts as well as mouth-watering savory bowls. The lentils and avocados here cannot be beat. This café is ideal for chit chat, an afternoon of studying, or a quick meal. The friendly staff, mint-infused water, and peeling walls make for one of the best vegetarian dives in Krakow.


Karma (phot. Facebook)

Minimal, rustic, and slightly grungy, Karma is an oasis in Krupnicza Street’s plethora of restaurants and cafes. It is one of Krakow’s most beloved (and popular) vegetarian/vegan eateries and coffee roasters. It is ideal for a morning pick-me-up of fresh brewed drip coffee and a veggie omelet. They offer delicious vegan comfort food, including tarts and baked goods, to complement their award-winning coffee. You cannot go wrong with the pancakes or the avocado omelet. While Karma has a “hole in the wall” ambiance, it can get packed on the weekends as people make their way for breakfast and lunch.


Żonglerka (phot. Facebook)

Syrokomli 20

Zonglerka is one of Krakow’s best-kept secrets. This café and bar makes for the perfect morning meal or evening glass of wine. Their breakfast sandwiches will surprise you with their unconventional combinations and delightfulness (like their sheep cheese and mango puree sandwich). What Zonglerka lacks in size, it makes up for in character and quality. It takes up a cozy residential side street, just far enough away from the frenzy of the Old Town. This is where you can experience your morning espresso like a Cracovian.

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