Booze, Strippers and Auschwitz?

While the average organised stag do routinely offers pub crawls, trips to strip clubs, and maybe the occasional go cart ride or paintball session, two travel agencies in the UK have added a cold dose of reality alongside the usual stag fantasies. Last Night of Freedom and Chillisauce, two British stag do companies, have added a trip to the Auschwitz concentration camp to their itineraries.

Starting at £149 plus airfare per person, grooms-to-be and their mates are offered a pub crawl of the over 300 bars located in Krakow’s Old Town, followed by a visit to a selected strip club. The next morning, the hungover lads are shuffled on a bus for the sobering hour and a half ride to the concentration camp.

A manager at the Last Night of Freedom agency told an undercover reporter for The Sunday Times that the visit to Auschwitz is “life-affirming” and that it can “fuel a fabulous night out”.

However, a representative from the Holocaust Educational Trust had a completely different vision of the tours: “Over one million people were systematically murdered at Auschwitz-Birkenau. It seems entirely inappropriate to advertise a visit to the site for stag groups in this way, alongside nights of drinking and clubbing,” she told The Sunday Times.

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