Krakow elections 2018: How to vote

The first round of Krakow’s local elections are tomorrow! You can vote if you a citizen of Poland or the wider EU, and are registered to vote in Krakow.

If you haven’t, check out the Krakow Post guide to the candidates to decide who to vote for. Remember that there will almost certainly be a second round of the two finalists two weeks later, on 4 November.

Where will I go to vote?

You can find your Krakow polling station here (search for your street in the table). Look for your street in the rightmost column. If you’re registered outside of Krakow, you can search for your voting location here.

All the polling stations should be open from 7: 00 to 21:00.

How do I fill out the voting card?

You’ll get a card with candidates’ names. You should clearly write an “X” shape next to the name you want. Make sure not to write a different shape, or officials can reject your ballot.

For president, this is pretty straightforward.

You can also vote to fill Krakow’s 43 city council seats. However, there are over 300 candidates and we have not been able to obtain reliable information about all of them.

If you’re not sure who to vote for, remember that, in a proportional voting system, a vote for an individual candidate is essentially a vote for that candidate’s party – so learning about the presidential candidates and their parties may provide a decent idea of what you can expect from the council candidates.

You can find out who is running to represent your electoral district in the city council here.

Not sure what your electoral district is? Follow the steps below to find out:

  1. Find your city district here. Enter “Krakow” in the “Miejscowość” box and your street address in the “Ulica” box, then look for “Dzielnica” (District).
  2. Match your city district to the voting district:

Voting District 1: Stare Miasto, Grzegórzki, Prądnik Czerwony
Voting District 2: Prądnik Biały, Krowodrza
Voting District 3: Bronowice, Zwierzyniec, Dębniki
Voting District 4: Łagiewniki-Borek Fałęcki, Swoszowice, Podgórze Duchackie
Voting District 5: Bieżanów-Prokocim, Podgórze
Voting District 6: Czyżyny, Mistrzejowice, Wzgórza Krzesławickie
Voting District 7: Bieńczyce, Nowa Huta

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