Chill with Krakow’s startup scene at #OMGKRK’s Summer Jam 2018

Poland has been on the map for awhile now as one of the most promising and interesting places in Europe for startups. This week, local organization #OMGKRK provides the opportunity to celebrate the burgeoning Krakow scene with their fourth annual Summer Jam.

The Sunset Rooftop Party will be an informal event this Thursday evening on the rooftop terrace of Hotel Poselski, with a view of Wawel Royal Castle in the dusk. Attendees can sip the artisanal cocktail’s of Krakow’s “secret” bar, Z ust do ust, and enjoy the music of live electronic DJs while they make friends and network with other people interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Interested? Attendance is free, but limited, so register here soon.

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