643th Anniversary of Jagiellonian University’s Governing Council

On Friday, May 11, the Governing Council of Jagiellonian University commemorated its 643th anniversary in a joint session with the City Council in Collegium Novum on ul. Golebia.

Rector Karol Musiol acknowledged Krakow?s contribution to the university’s development, and presented awards to Mayor Jacek Majchrowski and City Council Chairman Pawel Klimowicz in honor of the city’s upcoming 750th anniversary.

Majchrowski received the Merentibus UJ Medal and Klimkiewicz received a copy of the oldest preserved document related to the university, dated May 12, 1364.

Musiol and Head of University Archives Krzysztof Stopka spoke at the event. Musiol emphasized the university’s historical role in advancing civil society, as well as his hopes that the university’s six-century-old harmonious relationship with the city government would continue.

He also noted that the third campus and technology park being constructed by the university in Pychowice would serve to attract companies from the life science and IT sectors.

Klimowicz spoke fondly about the history of the relationship between the city and university.

“But it wasn’t always idyllic,” Stopka said. After one clash between the city?s guards and students, the latter took control of the gates and seized the city arsenal, using cannons to force the authorities into reconciliation. A regiment of artillery had to be brought in to calm the situation.

At the end of the session, Musiol opened an exhibition entitled, “The Professors of Jagiellonian University in the City of Krakow.” The exhibition was created using university archives and commemorated the city?s 750th anniversary.

The exhibition can be seen on the second floor of Collegium Novum.

In addition, a model of the third campus was presented on the mezzanine between the ground floor and first floor, which includes existing buildings, those under construction, and those designed for future development — altogether making the largest construction site in Poland.

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