Right lane of ul. Dietla to be used for parking in pilot project

ul. Dietla (phot. Fotopolska.eu)
ul. Dietla (phot. Fotopolska.eu)

Starting at the end of April, a section of Krakow’s ul. Dietla will offer parking in the right lane, Polish-language news portal LoveKrakow reports.

The street splits the Old Town from Kazimierz and ends in the Grunwald Bridge (Most Grunwaldzki) over the Vistula River, making it a popular thoroughfare for motorists. Drivers have complained that parking in the area is scarce, but the pedestrian sidewalk is not wide enough to legally allow cars there.

Currently cars are allowed to park in the right lane of ul. Dietla at night, so essentially this will amount to a 24-hour expansion of that policy. The change will affect the stretch of Dietla between Bożego Ciała and Św. Sebastiana.

Opponents of the plan fear that the constriction of such a busy street to just one lane could lead to serious traffic jams. ZIKiT, Krakow’s public transport agency, plans this as a two-month pilot project, at the end of which they will decide whether or not to make the change permanent.

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