From the Cradle to the Homepage

Getting your child into a daycare has become increasingly difficult over the years in Krakow, as more and more often, both parents work full-time, while only 22 daycare centres exist in the city. With about 20,000 children in Krakow between the ages of five months and three years, that has left about 1,600 children on a waiting list, according to Gazeta Wyborcza.

One way the city is proposing to make this process easier on parents is the implementation of one online waiting list for all of the daycare centres in the city. At the moment, most parents looking for a nursery school for their children register at several places simultaneously, and in general, the lists are first come, first serve. An online system would allow priority placement for children of single working parents or those who cannot afford in-home nannies, Gazeta Wyborcza reports. Parents would also be able to track their place in the queue without leaving the house or calling different centres repeatedly.

The city is currently in talks with several companies to create this kind of system.

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