English Town Flies Poles Home

The town of Peterborough, located in a largely agricultural area in the East of England, is piloting an initiative to send homeless migrants back to their home countries, free of charge. This unique initiative began in Peterborough, and is now being implemented in the cities of Boston and Lincolnshire.

According to The Evening Telegraph, a newspaper in the region, the scheme, officially known as the National Reconnection Service, will cost the city £150,000. Immigrants not eligible for unemployment benefits will be able to apply to receive a one-way ticket back to their home country.

At the moment, 22 immigrants have taken advantage of the scheme. They had all come from Central and Eastern European nations, including Poland, and had either lost their jobs or were unable to find employment.

The Evening Telegraph has reported that there are numerous encampments throughout the city of Peterborough, where out of work migrants are sleeping rough in the winter cold. With the option to return home now a reality, it’s hard to imagine many would choose to continue to remain homeless when the comforts of friends and family await at home.

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