Legendary Nowa Huta barbecue restaurant goes up in smoke

The charred remains of MaNHattan (phot. Nowa Huta w telefonie)
The charred remains of MaNHattan (phot. Nowa Huta w telefonie)

The locally famous Nowa Huta restaurant BBQ Grill MaNHattan burned to the ground late on the night of 27-28 January. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause.

MaNHattan, near the Nowa Huta Reservoir where locals often go fishing, was celebrated not just for its food (with the kielbasa dish literally called “Nowa Huta”) but also as a focal point of community events. The restaurant hosted a blood drive, first aid training, children’s events, and more.

An online collection has been started by fans to help “our friend Piotr” (Ronduda, the founder/owner/chef). Already they have raised several thousand PLN of a 20,000 goal to rebuild the eatery.

Agata Pankow contributed to the research for this article.

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