New “protected flats” give independence to Cracovians with mental challenges

The city of Krakow has built a number of fully equipped apartments to accommodate people with mental challenges and give them a measure of independence.

The “protected flats” are part of a program from the City Center for Social Welfare in Krakow. They are designed for  people who are dealing with chronic mental issues and may require some support, but are still able to work and participate in society. The rent price is agreed upon with residents after assessing and discussing their unique situations.

Along with these material forms of assistance, residence will also be provided with psychological support, including therapy and daily access to an apartment coordinator who can address some of their living needs if necessary.

Currently there are 22 such flats spread throughout Krakow, providing accommodation for 139 residents in need. Deputy President in charge of Social Policy, Culture, and City Promotion Andrzej Kulig (pictured above) says that five more are planned to be opened later this year.

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