New Year, New Poland: Seven new cities in 2018

The proud city of Łagów (phot. Jerzy Strzelecki)
The proud city of Łagów (phot. Jerzy Strzelecki)

19,183 Poles: Rejoice! The Polish Ministry of the Interior has announced that seven villages and other small administrative districts across the country will be upgraded to cities in 2018: Józefów nad Wisłą (population 921), Otyń, Sanniki (1,542), Tułowice (5,504), Wiślica (503), Łagów (1,600), and Radoszyce (9,113)

Several of the aforementioned were once regarded as cities, some as far back as the 14th century, but lost their status due to various changes in the Polish population and political landscape.

According to the government’s announcement, the change will be mostly symbolic, although it may attract more investment or enable local governments to apply for different kinds of grants aimed at urban areas.

This brings the total number of Polish cities up from 923 to 930. And next year it will likely be at least 931, with Chełmiec still under consideration

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