Anti-Fascist march through Krakow

(phot. Piotr Gądek‏/Twitter)
(phot. Piotr Gądek‏/Twitter)

Around a thousand people marched through the streets of Krakow this afternoon in a peaceful demonstration against fascism.

The date marks the death of Polish President Gabriel Narutowicz, who was assassinated in 1922 in the first week of his term by far-right nationalists.

Marchers filed across ul. Szewska onto Krakow’s Main Square under the banner “Nationalism Is Not Patriotism.” There, several lecturers from Jagiellonian University spoke out against fascism and in support of “democracy that is based on the individual’s freedom.”

The event was supported by the Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD), the Razem party, LGBTQ organization Queerowy Maj, and the Jagiellonian University Antifascist Student Committee.

Among a wave of resurgent ultranationalism in Europe stoking fears of fascist revanchism, Poland is not an exception. Just this past Independence Day, Warsaw hosted perhaps one of the largest right-wing marches in the world.

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