How to protect your pet from fireworks noise

As one of the few days of the year when people in Poland will be setting off loud fireworks, New Year’s Eve can be a very stressful time for your pet. Many animals are extra sensitive to noise, light, and vibration, and the anxiety of the celebration can cause anxiety or sometimes even serious health problems.

Here are a few tips to make sure your pet feels safe during the holiday:

  • Be there. The most important thing for your pet’s peace of mind is feeling comforted and reassured by your presence. Cuddle your cat or dog and have its favorite treat on hand.
  • Create a safe space. Try to find a room with closed windows and curtains with a comfortable place to relax, or maybe even a special crate and/or blanket if your pet feels secure there. It can also be good to free up some dark hiding spaces that it can retreat to. Obviously, bringing your pet to a celebration is probably not a good idea.
  • Provide comforting sounds. Light music or other background noise might be reassuring, as well as, of course, the sound of your voice.
  • Sweat it out! Allowing it to burn off some energy with vigorous exercise before the big event can allow them to relax more easily in the evening.
  • Don’t forget the collar. Pets may try to escape if they feel too anxious, so make sure they carry some form of identification just in case.
  • Remember the little guys too. If you have a smaller pet, like a rodent or bird, it might help to cover its cage with a thick blanket to muffle sound and make it more comfortable for sleeping. If it has bedding in its enclosure, you can put in a bit extra so that it has a place to burrow.

Don’t think fireworks can be scary? Watch this video of banned Polish fireworks being set off in Germany… and if you have a pet, make sure you’re wearing headphones!


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